TravelPro B2B

TrvelPro Business 2 Business

TravelPro B2B is web based add-on software which is integrated with TravelPro Umrah Module and shares vendors tariff and package details. It is specifically designed for those Umrah Companies who opt to sell their umrah packages online by B2B channels. TravelPro B2B allows your Business partners to quote and sell umrah packages with their own identity by sharing your vendor's tariff database.

  1. Maintain agent profile and web login Id(s)
  2. Allow agent to access tariff database of selected products
  3. User-defined umrah packages with customizable margins
  4. Allow agents to book umrah packages online and submit passport details
  5. Allow agents to submit change request online
  6. Allow agents to view list of pending hotel vouchers
  7. Allow agents to print hotel vouchers online
  8. Allow agents to print Account Statement online

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