Retail Management System

Point of Sale Software

TT-RMS is powerful Point of sale solution developed specifically for retailers of small, medium, and large single/chain stores. This powerful software package automates day-to-day store operations, provides centralized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with back-office accounts software.

Flexible Product Module With Price Manager:

TT-RMS gives you control to create product at group, sub-group and detail level. You can assign various attributes to product such as Unit, Size, Color, Season, Vendor, Price, Cost and Incentive etc. Price and cost can be setup and revise for each size and color separately.

Vendor Payable Analysis:

TT-RMS helps you maintain vendor history and vendor-specific product inventory. With the help of sale to stock ratio you can settle vendor payable easily.

Payment & Non-Payment POS:

TT-RMS gives you flexibility to establish separate counters for product billing and payment collection. You can bind product billing counter with payment collection counter for your operational convenience.

Daily Cash Closing For POS:

TT-RMS allows you to manage single/multiple shift for cash counter. Each shift is properly closed with either cash reconciliation or reported cash difference.

Credit Voucher of Sale Return:

TT-RMS controls sale return by issuing credit voucher to customer. Customer can utilize credit voucher in term of payment adjustment on next sale.

Discount Policies:

You can easily implement discount sale on selected products and selected stores for the desired period. These discounts automatically applied when making sale invoice. Manual discount is also possible with password verification.

Physical Stock Taking:

TT-RMS offers tool of conducting physical audit where all products either physically scanned through data collector or manually entered. TT-RMS compares it with system inventory and report differences.

Purchases, Transfers, & Adjustment:

TT-RMS controls product inventory by purchase and return from vendors, transfer of products among multiple stores/locations and adjust product balance with various adjustment reasons. You can track inventory in-hand as well as in-transit at each store level in term of quantity and valuation.

Shop Sale and Expenses:

TT-RMS has built-in POS terminal which helps your sales staff to capture daily sales and return in same interface. This POS terminal implements several other features like discount policies, loyalty promotions, non-payment POS, and multiple payment mode etc. TT-RMS offers you separate interface for daily expenses and cash movement beyond sale. 

Real-Time Data Synchronization:

TT-RMS offers seamless data synchronization facility to chain/multiple stores setup.


Multiple Mode of Payment Collection:

TT-RMS offers various modes for payment collection such as cash, card, voucher, loyalty point’s redemption. Either mode can be use singly or with combination.

Salesman Commission & Incentive:

TT-RMS gives you tool of controlling sales motivation by rewarding salesman in terms of incentive and commission. You can define incentive rate on each product and commission percentage on each salesman’s sale.

Loyalty Membership and Promotions:

You can introduce loyalty programs and create members to sustain meaningful customer relationship. It is a point based reward program where member’s points are recorded at the time of sale and can be consumed in term of payment adjustment any time.

Barcode Scanning & Printing:

TT-RMS allows you to generate and print barcode in different formats. You can record sale transaction by scanning through barcode reader.


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