Talent 4 Tech Ship-Breaking System can be used to maintain Accounts, Inventory and Sales Tax. Special features may be justified that you can purchase whole ship and sale different items like gala plate, mill mall, scrape & other items from ship to various parties. The software will generate Ship Summary Report along with present balances and item extraction ratio.

General Ledger:

  • Flexible Multi-level Chart of Account
  • User-defined Voucher types
  • Voucher Supervise System
  • Ship wise income & expense tracking
  • Voucher & Receipt printing

Sales & Receivable:

  • Ship wise Customer Order Management User-defined Voucher types
  • Delivery gate pass & weighbridge
  • Brokerage and delivery expense tracking
  • Tonnage and non-tonnage item sale
  • Operational & MIS reports

Labor Wages:

  • Department & Labor Profile
  • Designation based pay rate & overtime
  • Seamless interfacing with Attendance machine
  • Wages & Deduction from daily Attendance data
  • Operational & MIS reports

Stores & Spares:

  • Store Item Purchase requisition
  • Supplier wise Purchase & Return
  • Consumer wise Consumption & Return
  • Store Item Inventory & Valuation
  • Integrated with General Ledger
  • Operational & MIS reports

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