Pilgrims Hotel,Transport,Accounts Management

PilgriManage is web based software which is specifically designed for those umrah organizers who have their own setup in Saudi Arabia in terms of complete hotel premises or specific room/floor allocation in certain hotels. The idea of this software is to give you control over following function:

  1. Hotel's room management (in Makkah/Madinah etc.)
  2. Transport management (at airport arrival and hotel exit)
  3. Accounts management of office in Saudi Arabia

Hotel's Room Management:

PilgriManage enables you to create multiple hotels in software and define their structure by floors, room numbers, room types, and room capacity. Software allows you to establish room rates for various seasons by room numbers. 

You can create online reservation of hotel's room check availability of rooms at any moment. You can also generate reports for hotel booking confirmation and customer wise reservation details.

Transport Management:

PilgriManage enables you to effectively organize transport arrangement for pilgrims when arriving on airport and exiting from hotels. You can define vehicle, route, and fare for every voyage. With the help of capture data you can generate reports for:

  • How many pilgrims are arriving today at Jeddah/Madinah airport?
  • By which vehicle pilgrims will be transferred to hotel?
  • How many pilgrims are leaving for Madinah/Makkah/Airport today?
  • How many pilgrims are exiting Saudi Arabia today?
  • How many pilgrims are in Saudi Arabia and in which hotel?

Accounts Management:

PilgriManage enables you to effectively record your accounting transaction for Saudi Office. Hotel and transport transactions are integrated with Accounts. You can create voucher types and record payment/receipt/journal voucher in software and generate reports like General Ledger, Trial Balance, Cash Book, Profit & Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet.

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